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Pedal Party

Relax and enjoy our city on a green pedal powered Pedal Party

The Pedal Party, is a group-oriented rental amusement activity, similar to a party bus, that looks like a trolley you pedal. Unlike a party bus, though, the Pedal Party is entirely pedal-powered and is often called a party bike. Based in Houston, Texas, our multi person bike holds up to 16 party goers. Physically, its about the size of a cargo van and travels at average speeds of between 5 and 8 miles per hour. The Pedal Party is currently available for rent in the Washington Ave. Corridor, Midtown, Montrose, East Downtown (EaDo) and the White Oak area of the Heights. The Pedal Party is rented on an hourly basis like any other party bus or other special event rental vehicles; How the rental time is spent is up to the renter. Generally the Pedal Party is used as a safe, fun way to do a pub crawl/bar crawl or progressive dinner, but does not, necessarily, require stopping during the rental period.

The Pedal Party can accommodate a maximum of 16 people:  12 seated on the sides (10 pedaling, 2 non-pedaling), 3 across the bench on the back (all non-pedaling) and 1 in the center as Your Bartender.  In total, that’s 10 pedalers and 6 non-pedalers, making the PedalParty the only 16 person bike in town. All riders must be at least 18 years of age (21 on Pedal Parties where alcohol is served) and provide valid identification. Pedal Party does have tunes. It consists of a mix of current pop music and classic party hits.

Bring your own food and drinks; alcoholic beverages are allowed.  You may  bring coolers with canned beverages to put in the center aisle.  Glass containers are NOT ALLOWED in any form.

The Pedal Party operates rain or shine.


All guests will be required to sign two documents before boarding the Pedal Party, the Liability Release and the Code of Conduct.  Neither is very complicated, but getting 16 people to complete paperwork can become a time suck.  Hence, in preparation for your tour, we highly recommend you send the Liability Release form to your guests in advance and have them print/sign the form before arriving. The Code of Conduct Form can be completed easily on the day of the event.  The two forms are available online by clicking following links:

Liability Release Form

Code of Conduct Form



Since this is likely to be your first time on a 16-person bike, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you make the most of your tour.


  • Get Liability Forms signed.  This will help ensure an on-time departure.

  • Dress appropriately.  On the Pedal Party, ‘appropriate’ is a flexible term.  Some groups choose to wear costumes, some go with biking/workout gear, some come as-is.  Whatever your theme or event, keep in mind that a majority of the party is going to be pedaling a bike, so choose your clothing carefully.  Sneakers: good.  Flip-flops: bad.  This may be the most photographed day of your life, so choose wisely.

  • Friend/Follow/Like Us.  We often TweetInstagram, or Facebook about tours we're on and stops we're making, so add us in advance so you'll be able to follow the fun. @pedalparty #PedalParty #PedalPartyHouston

  • Pre-flight cocktails.  Many groups meet in advance to do paperwork before meeting the bike.  Since we launch from Around the Corner, you may want to rally your troupes there and fill out the forms in advance.  We highly encourage this kind of proactive thinking but, keep in mind, drinking too much in advance of your party could be a huge mistake.  You’re going to have to make sure the Pedal Party returns on-time, so showing up drunk and then continuing to drink for 2 or 3 hours isn’t really the best game plan.  

  • Parking.  Around the Corner has a few parking spots out front, but we suggest you use street parking as you can find it. Be aware of no parking signs in some areas and do not park at District 7.

  • Staging.  The Pedal Party is going to meet you outside on Hutchins Street, so you're welcome to stage your coolers etc. along the patio there, but under no circumstances are coolers allowed in the bar or on the deck area.

  • Bring Your ID. Pedal Party is 21+ as are all of the bars in East Downtown  You will be asked several times for your ID throughout this event, have it handy to save time for everyone.



  • Have stops planned.  Even if you plan on staying on the bike the whole time, you should have a couple of stops in mind to give people a chance to stretch their legs and take a potty break.  For the vast majority of our groups, people use the Pedal Party for pub crawls but where/how long we stop is your choice.  Your Captain can help with advice on this topic, both in advance and during the tour.

  • BYO. Keep in mind that we only allow beer and wine; no glass containers and NO HARD LIQUOR.  (Think: beer in cans, wine in boxes; NO JELLO SHOTS.) Koozies must be used for beer cans to stay with in legal standards.  We're going to give you a set of Pedal Party Koozies for your tour, you don't have to use those but you do have to use SOMETHING.  Again, under no circumstances do we allow hard liquor of any kind on the bike.

  • 2 Eat or Not 2 Eat?  That IS the question.  We do allow food on the bike and sometimes it's a great idea to have some snacks along for the ride.  Plan on things that you’d take to a windy picnic.  Popular menu items have included: snack mix, nuts, and other ‘finger food’ items.  In summer months, frozen/chilled fruit is also very popular. Chapman And KirbyKing’s Court and, of course, Around the Corner all have good menus if you want to snag some grub en route.  There are also taquerias and food trucks in the area for quick food options.

  • Tunes.  The Pedal Party has a stereo with CD, iPod, and Bluetooth capability.  We have pre-prepared playlists for several themes (popular dance music, 80’s, classic party music), but if you want something specific (i.e., country, tejano, etc...) you can certainly prepare your own music and bring it with you.  Keep in mind that Your Captain is not a DJ.  Do not expect him/her to look for specific songs or change the radio station/CD while driving.  

  • Rainy day gear. Except in cases of extreme conditions (i.e., lightning, tornado, rain of toads, etc.) the Pedal Party runs rain or shine.  If it looks like your tour is going to get some rain, your best defense is a cheap rain poncho; this will keep your back dry while you're on the bike and you'll be all ready to hop off when you get to stops.  Because of safety concerns, we do not allow the use of umbrellas on, or around, the bikes.  In the case of weather of biblical proportion (severe lightning, flooding, rain of toads, etc.) we'll issue a rain check for the tour.  Because of the quixotic nature of Houston weather, the Go/No-Go decision for tours is made 1 hour prior to start time.



  • Have a plan. In almost every case, people finishing the Pedal Party are anxious to keep the party going.  It may help to have a loose plan of where the party is heading so you can get everyone moving in a timely manner.  We'll be ending up at Around the Corner, so you may want to just camp out there but if you feel the need to move, District 7 Grill is next door and 8th Wonder is just a block or so away.

  • Write a review.  If you had a great time on your tour, please consider writing a review on Google+ LocalTripAdvisor, or Yelp.  Word of Mouth is the primary way people find out about the Pedal Party, so we appreciate your telling your friends about us.

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