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Kemah Triathlon Volunteers

This event will consist of supporting a large number of swimmers on a 1.2 mile swim.

When you sign up please do so under the group "WoodsProject"

On-water safety volunteers will offer support for swimmers needing a rest or swimmers in distress.  Swimmers may also need to be directed back to the course.  You may be paddling among the swimmers to provide assistance.  Good paddling and boat control skills are required.  You may need to brace to prevent capsize when a swimmer grabs your boat.  You will normally present the bow of your kayak to the swimmer to minimize the chance of capsize.  You will need to sign a waiver when you signup. You will be covered by their insurance including liability, injury, etc.


 Swimming Event

  • 1.2-miles from Colonel Paddlewheel to shore in Galveston Bay
  • About 2700 participants starting in waves. 
  • Expect water temperature of about 72 degrees.

Launch and Paddle from the shore at 7th

 Guidelines for Assisting Swimmers (from meeting with event leaders)

  • Be vigilant of the swimmers in your zone.  Don''t get distracted by an incident you are not directly involved with.
  • Be aware of all swimmers around you when paddling among them.
  • Use throw cushion if you can''t easily get to the swimmer or swimmer to you.
  • Always present the bow of your kayak to the swimmer to minimize chance of capsize.
  • Position kayak in front of swimmers heading off course. 
  • Do not use whistle except for signaling other safety personnel as described in briefing. 
  • Stay in your zone until the last swimmer goes by.  Then you can follow the swimmers to the finish. 
  • Signal for assistance if you capsize and can''t self-rescue.  


We will start our paddle in the dark.  There could be boat traffic in area on the out. Swimmers may be desperate or panicked as you approach them.  They could flip you over when grabbing onto the side of your kayak.  

 Schedule - It is essential that you be on time for this event.

Arrive in time to be in the water ready to paddle at 5:15 AM 

 5:15 – 5:30 Unload and prepare kayaks for launch 

Gear You Bring

  • Required:  Kayak*, Paddle, PFD (must be worn). You must have a readily accessible whistle. Those with decked kayaks should have a spray-skirt and bilge pump
  • Bring if you have: VHF radio, spare paddle, tow belt, paddle float. 
  • Dress appropriately for weather, conditions and water temperature (73-75 degrees) Provide swimmer safety support in kayaks.
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