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Thanksgiving Camping

Camping near Houston... just 1 hour away!

It's a perfect time to go camping in Houston! Warm during the day, cool at night.  And plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, yoga.

About this trip:

  • Close to Houston. Only 1 hour away!
  • In the woods.
  • Hot Dutch Oven meals
  • Long hiking trails, practice backpacking, biking, long hiking trips, etc.
  • Plus, plenty of space for hammocks, yoga, and just relaxing outdoors.
  • Lake Houston Wilderness Park.  From camp, choose to go on a day hike, mountain bike, a little of both or neither!

    Do some yoga or relax by the fire. This weekend is a perfect escape from the big city without having to go too far!

    Each night, we’ll talk about the options for the next day. You choose if you want to go or make your own day. Several people are just as happy reading a book in a hammock as hiking 8 miles. This is your trip so you decide (and do) what makes you happy.

    What to expect:

    Experience Level:

    All! Beginner campers, new members, experts and everywhere in between.

    Ask to borrow a tent & ground pad.  Bring your own sleeping bag or just the comforter from your bed. And don’t forget your pillow! Amy ALWAYS does!

    BCO is planning & providing all meals. (let us know if you have food restrictions)

    Optional Practice for Backpacking:

    Great Opportunity to practice backpacking! Bring a pack and some weight to put in it and carry during the day hikes.

    Packing List:

    You bring:

  • Plate/bowl, fork/spoon, cup
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent (with poles & stakes), ground pad {ask about borrowing}
  • Pillow
  • Light source – headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
  • Water – if you don’t like drinking tap
  • Sturdy shoes for hiking & comfortable shoes for camping
  • Camping chair (ask about borrowing or pick one up at Academy for $5)
  • Dress in layers. Light clothes for warmer weather, warm clothes, rain clothes. Extra socks. Have a dry set of clothes for at night in the case you get wet during the day.
  • Other drinks – no glass
  • Cooler & ice for your drinks - no Styrofoam (we only have coolers for the community food. Not enough spaces for your personal drinks/food)
  • If there is a particular food or drink you want, bring it!
  • Toiletries (wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, towel)
  • Sun Protection - hat, long sleeves & pants, sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Bug Spray
  • Additional snacks you might want
  • Charger / Cables
  • Games

BCO Brings:

  • Kitchen equipment (stoves, propane, pots, pans, cooking utensils)
  • Main food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, some snacks)
  • Firewood (a moderate amount. If you want a "bone fire"… bring/buy extra. Some parks require you to buy onsite and you’re not allowed to bring it. Please check park rules first.)
  • Propane and/or Charcoal for cooking dinner
  • Easy Up Tarp for a little shade
  • Coolers for community food only (please bring a cooler for your beverages)

NOTE:  This is a community effort.  All attendees help with setting up camping, meal prep, meal cleanup and breaking down camp.  Scroll down to read the community section.


Tentative Menu:

  • Friday night (or first night) dinner – Always Amy’s Chili! Meat or Veggie Options (Also vegan, pork, beef & gluten-free options!! Be sure to let us know of food restrictions. All options are easy to accommodate but the default is Turkey/Beef & Veggie Only options.)
  • Breakfast – variations of eggs, potatoes, bacon, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, pancakes, oatmeal, bagels, fruit, juice.
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Lunch – sandwiches & snacks
  • Snacks – Chips, hummus, dried fruit, trail mix, bars
  • Saturday Dinner:  Turkey Soup!!
  • Desert – s’ mores & Dutch Oven brownies.

IMPORTANT: We can easily accommodate various food restrictions. We only ask that if follow the restriction that you give us.  For example, if you request gluten-free, don’t eat the mac & cheese or challah bread French toast. And if you request vegan, don’t eat cheese.

We’ll accommodate your request, but we’ll hold you to your request since we put a lot of effort and plan portions according to your request.

Venue Amenities:

  • Showers: YES!
  • Flushing toilets: YES!
  • Water & Electric at site


Use the campsite driveway to unload.  Then park across the street near the nature center.

Fee Includes:

  • Campsite- group site Peach Creek.
  • Full meal planning & shopping.
  • Use of community camping gear (pop-ups, tables, camp kitchen,
  • Dinner Friday night (arrive by 9’ish PM and we’ll have dinner. Arrive after, and there is still food but it might not be hot.  We have stoves to reheat food.  You DON'T have to get food on the way! )
  • Hot Breakfast, Lunch & Dutch Oven Dinner Saturday
  • Hot Breakfast Sunday
  • Plus snacks & deserts! And take leftovers home with you!


90% if we find someone to take your spot, else no refunds.  Note: to find a replacement, we need at least 2 days' notice to ensure gear and food restrictions can be accommodated.

Additional Fee:

$6 per person for 2 days of entry - You'll need to pick-up an overnight pass for your car.

About the group you’re meeting:

We’re a laidback group.  We just like to have a good time. No one judges… if you drink you’re welcome. If you don’t, you’re welcome. As long as you’re respectful to others and are looking to have fun, you’ll fit right in!

Our group loves to learn about where people are from, places and things to do. We’re very diverse and we take advantage of learning from people who have had different experiences from us.

Whether that’s from Urban US to Rural US or International… you’re likely to meet a little of each in every trip.


Everyone shares in camp duties. When you arrive, you sign up to help with meals throughout the weekend.  The amount of help needed depends on the number of people on the camping trip.  The more people, the more we disperse the work.

Cook Duty:  You don’t have to know how to cook. ?? The meal is predetermined, and we tell you where we need help. Usually, it’s a lot of chopping… onions/garlic/peppers or making pot rice (just follow directions).  Sometimes it’s helping make mac & cheese, steak or mashed potatoes. Regardless, we’re helping you with each step.

Clean Duty:  To ensure we don’t attract wild animals, it’s very important that we clean thoroughly after each meal.  All food has to be put in coolers or tubs. Clean the tables and stoves and rinse dishes.

(The gold star goes to the people who don’t try so hard here! Scrubbing Dutch ovens means you’re undoing months’ or years’ worth of work that made them non-stick!

How to clean dutch ovens:  All you have to do it heat them up a bit and rinse.  It really is that easy. ??

Note: Before you sign up for a cook or clean shift, look at the schedule.  If you’re not staying the entire weekend, choose a shift before you leave.

If there is a particular activity that you want to do and it’s during a shift, don’t sign up for that shift.  For example, if you must see the sunset, sign up for dinner clean or breakfast. If you’re not a morning person, sign up for dinner or breakfast clean.


How to RSVP:

In the notes section,

  • Indicate if you have any food requirements (i.e. No meat, no pork, no gluten).
  • Let me know if you need to borrow a tent, sleeping bag or ground pad.
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